Ora*Gec APEX SIG - Mission critical applications

APEX SIG 2009 - Montreal and Quebec City
The first Ora*Gec APEX SIG meetup was in May 2008. November 2009 will host the second edition of this much anticipated event. The number of sessions and partners is exploding.

Events will took place in Montreal and Quebec City.

The complete description of the APEX SIG sessions is available. (French only!)


Host the events.


APEX 4.0 for mission critical systems

Insum Solutions - Session # 1:

Insum Solutions
Choosing APEX to build applications that are stable, efficient, robust, and integrated to your security scheme.

SIE-Solutions - Session # 2:

APEX in a context of business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions integration.

Momentum Technologies - Session # 3:

Momentum Technologies
APEX integration with existing applications of diverse technologies and testing to confirm proper operation.

CGI - Session # 4:

The gains of using APEX with ERP systems such as Oracle
eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and others.

It's a rendez-vous you can't miss.


Roel said…
Will David do his APEX 4 presentation in French?? Then I would love to have a podcast.. ;-)
Louis-Guillaume said…
David's presentation should be in English! :)

I'll see if it's possible to have the sessions recorded.
Roel said…
I was just kiddin'. Just the idea of David speaking French! The ODTUG session on APEX 4 has been recorded already and is probably somewhere on the web...
Louis-Guillaume said…
Do you know if the sessions are updated after the OOW?
Roel said…
The OOW session was (on some points) different than the ODTUG one (they keep adding cool new stuff..). But I guess David will tell you about the same as during OOW. He will do a similar presentation at the UKOUG (from Nov 30 - Dec 2), so we can see if there is any progress...
Unknown said…
Roel, I would love to do it French but alas I only speak English (en-au rather than en-us). I have done sessions in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian but that was with the help of professional translators. Poor things - almost killed a few as I talk to fast.

Looking to do new viewlets once features are more settled - as you pointed out some features have changed markedly between Kaleidoscope and OOW and continue to be refined.

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