Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forms to APEX - How to convert ALERT functionalities

I build a quick demo for those of you who need the "good old Oracle Forms" Alert functionality in APEX.

IF [condition] THEN
Alert("the alert message!", OK, Cancel);

There's not much to explain. As usual, you'll find all the code on the demo page.

Here's the working demo of an Alert Message initiated by PL/SQL code.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

jQuery plugins for APEX

Recently, Tyler started a thread about jQuery plugins for APEX. At the same time, I was working on 2 jQuery plugins.

Links to the jQuery plugins for APEX.

Tyler's Plugins
1) jApex 0.2

L-G's Plugins
1) jquery.apex-session-0.0.1.js
2) jquery.apexpage-0.0.2.js

Personally, I prefer to use many plugins. Each plugin should be use for a specific task. I think it's also easier to update a small plugin because the impact is smaller.

So what do you think: One big plugin or many small plugins?

Au revoir Papi

This week, my grand-father passed away. He's the one who teaches me lots of stuff about life. Without him, I wouldn't be the same person. For the last year, he wasn't able to read anymore... all his life was about reading and learning. He couldn't read my articles and that makes him frustrated and sad. I want to dedicate him all my work.

Papi, I will never forget you.

Ton petit fils, Louis-Guillaume.