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how to build a Google Gadget with data fetched from an APEX Application Process

Last week, I release a Google Gadget to publish the weekly release of Insum's Web 2.0 Demos . I'll explain how I did it. Google Gadget... what's that?! It's an XML file defining every aspect of your gadget(module) . The words "gadget" and "module" can both be used to describe a Google Gadget. The gadget definition contains 3 sections: 1)Module Preferences The general information of my gadget is defined in this section. Here is the list of attributes for which I set values. title title_url description author author_email author_location author_affiliation author_link author_photo author_quote height width I put a default value for the height. Users can update this value using the gadget's settings (build using the "users preferences"). It's also possible to auto-adjust the gadget height. 2)Users Preferences The settings of my gadget are defined in this section. Here's the list of settings available to the users. itemCount fHeigh