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dynamic rating system

Social applications are more and more popular. Users want to feel they are not alone using the application. A good way to achieve this is to give them the possibility to rate an article. Rating something shouldn't be a long process. Users don't expect to have a complete page reload for such a small action. The solution is to use AJAX to send the user's rating and to retrieve the average rating. jQuery will be used to handle events, send AJAX requests, and display rating choices and results. You can try a working example of my dynamic rating system . 1. Add the rating choices (I decided to use the stars images found in the /i/ of APEX). You'll probably want to add this "controller" at the top or the bottom of the content you want the users to rate. <div id="rating"> Please rate: <img id="rating_choices" src="/i/stars5.gif" usemap="#map_rating_choices" /> </div> <map id="map_rating_choices"