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Using "Prompt LOV" to replace "Popup Key LOV"

Another post about jQuery in APEX! :) I am really happy to see the interest the APEX Community has for jQuery. After reading Dan McGhan's blog post concerning jQuery Impromptu , I decided to try this jQuery extension. For my demo, I decided to replace a "Popup Key LOV (Displays description, returns key value)" with a "Prompt LOV". I was able to reuse code from previous demos to accelerate the development. Here is a working example of the Prompt LOV & Calendar demo . How does it works? 1) I assume you check and understand these demos: A) Popup in Report B) AJAX request Page Report C) jQuery Datepicker Now... we can continue to the next step. :) 2) Replace the existing Popup LOV with a Prompt. The prompt will display a report from another page(in this case, it's the page 42). The report is requested using AJAX. This is the JavaScript code you need: $().ready(function() { //Replace existing POPUP-LOV $("#P41_DEPTNO_fieldset a") .attr(&