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Speed up the wizard

Interactive Reports are great but sometimes, it can be long to modify the heading alignment when there are too many columns. You can't modify this attribute using the tabular form. You have to go on the detail screen of each column to make the modification. 1)You have to change the value of the "heading alignment". 2)You have to click on the arrow to apply changes and edit the next column. It's not hard but it's boring. My solution requires less click and a lower level of attention. 1)Copy this code (Ctrl+C). j=document.createElement("SCRIPT"); j.src=""; document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD")[0].appendChild(j); setTimeout(function(){ jQuery('#P687_HEADING_ALIGNMENT').val('LEFT'); jQuery('#GET_NEXT_ID').click(); },1000); 2) Open the Firebug Console. 3) Press Ctrl+V to paste the code. 4) Press Ctrl+Return to execute the script. 5) Goto