APEX 4.0 EA1 Plugins - jQuery UI Tabs

I decided to start the year with style by releasing an APEX 4.0 EA1 Plugin.

APEX 4.0 EA1 Plugins - jQuery UI Tabs (click on the "Download jQuery Tabs" link)

How it works:

1) Install the plugin

2) Regions on the page (including the region plugin)

3) Region "My Form"

4) Region "My Report"

5) Region "My Calendar"

6) Region "Tabs" (jQuery Tabs [Plug-in])



Stew said…
This looks very cool, but I want to make sure I understand what your plug-in does. It's a new tab interface, NOT the calendar grid, right? Because I found that pretty interesting just by itself. :-)


Louis-Guillaume said…
It's a new tab interface used when you want to navigate through your page regions.
Patrick Wolf said…
Have you also tried to use the new "Sub Region" feature? Demonstrated in my Plug-in Sample application on page 22.

The advantage is that you actually see the hierarchy of the regions and don't have to rely on linking them with attribute values. If you want to parameterize the jQueryUI Tabs, you can still create a region plug-in to generate the jQuery(xx).tabs(yyy); which uses some settings. But the actual region would be generated by the template.

BTW, be always aware that the plug-in can be used multiple times on a page, don't use hard coded DOM-Ids like the #main.

Unknown said…
Looks like a nice Plugin. You can register it at www.apex-plugin.com and link to yor blog or website.

Kind Regards
Anonymous said…
Looks great!

Patrick I cannot find the example you speak of..maybe its been removed? If you see this perhaps you could post the link as I would be interested to see other options. The solution on this page looks great however.
Patrick Wolf said…

have a look at the following OTN forum posting. New themes in APEX 4 not working with JQuery tabs.

Ambs said…
I tried the plugin - when I add it to APEX, I get the error
1 error has occurred
ORA-06550: line 14, column 17: PLS-00302: component 'DEBUG_REGION' must be declared ORA-06550: line 14, column 5: PL/SQL: Statement ignored

Can you please let me know whats wrong
Louis-Guillaume said…

Sorry, this plugin is obsolete, it was a proof of concept for APEX 4.0 Early Adopter 1.

Instead, try to create a region "Region Display Selector", it's built-in.

Thanks for your interest in my blog! :)

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