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Midjourney - Art of prompting

What would you prompt to achieve such results? Try this one: The Pope with lips like kiss bloo a big pink gum bubble ,   high fashion ,   vibrant colors ,   fashion photography ,   detailed ,   magazine photography ,   with vibrant colors and exquisite details ,   Canon EOS 5D Mark IV ,   24   -   70mm lens ,   f /   4 ,   ISO 200 ,   1 /   100 sec ,   textures and details .   Warm lighting ,   high   -   end fashion ,   urban setting

A New Dawn: From Oracle Apex to Generative AI

Hello dear readers, If you've been here before, you'll remember a time when this space was filled with insights and tutorials on Oracle Application Express (Apex). It's been over a decade since my last post, and the tech landscape has shifted remarkably since then. Today, I'm excited to delve into a topic that has piqued my interest in recent years: Generative AI, specifically focusing on prompt engineering for models like GPT and platforms such as Midjourney. Why the shift? In the past, I explored the intricacies of Apex, offering a helping hand to many as they navigated that ecosystem. But as I evolved in my tech journey, I became fascinated by how AI can generate content, assist in decision-making, and even partake in creative processes. What is Generative AI? Generative AI models, like GPT by OpenAI, are designed to produce content. By feeding them prompts, these models can write essays, poems, code, and even music. But the true art lies in "prompt engineering&