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Google AJAX Libraries API

I previously posted an article called " How to... Load the jQuery JavaScript Library ". I don't think a gave enough information about why I decided to use the Google AJAX Libraries API . I'll explain a little more this time. I decided to try the Google AJAX Libraries API because I personally like Google services. :) I decided to keep using this library because I don't need to worry about the hosting of my .js files. It's also possible to call a compressed or uncompressed version of jQuery and jQuery UI . It's also possible to call older version of a library. I didn't have bad/slow speed issue using the Google AJAX Libraries API. I'm using this technique for my web development. If I have an application working on an Intranet, I will host the .js file on my web server. links:

multiple regions under a single tab

Last week, I write about using jQuery UI Tabs to show each region of my page under a tab . Denes Kubicek send me a message asking if it was possible to display more than one region under a single tab. The answer is yes. But how? I tried 3 different ways to do it. I'll first explain the better/simpliest solution. First, I made a page copy of my last demo (page 30). Don't forget to add the static ID for the regions on the copied page (page copy removes regions static ID)... this is probably a bug in APEX. 1) First solution (working) A. I modified the source of the first region called "TABS". The Region Source is: <div id="my_tabs"> <ul> <li><a href="#form_report"><span>My Form & Report</span></a></li> <li><a href="#my_calendar"><span>My Calendar</span></a></li> </ul> </div> B. Add the jQuery code to my page HTML header. <script src="