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Technical Review - Forms Conversion to APEX

At the beginning of the year, David Peake blogged about APEX books and authors wanted . I was approached by Packt Publishing to do a technical review of Douwe Pieter 's book on Forms Conversion to APEX. The book will cover every aspect of a conversion project. It's a good and useful tool for the majority of programmers, analysts and project managers. Those who are new to APEX or Forms will have plenty of information to go through the conversion process without much pain. And for those who know Forms and APEX, it will help them go a lot faster. Remember, Forms Conversion to APEX won't be magic and you'll need to read the official documentation and or a book that will help you learn faster. Don't miss my Forms Conversion to APEX presentation in Montreal and Quebec City on May 19th 2009 and May 21th 2009 respectively. I hope to see your there! :)

Big news

Recently, I moved from Montreal to Quebec City. From now on, I'll work for SIE-Solutions . SIE offers solutions for SMEs/SMBs, all products developments are using a unique APEX framework they made to speed up the development process by 20-30%. Rapid application development (RAD) is even faster. For more information about the framework and how it can serve your organization, contact SIE-Solutions sales department . My blog will still be covering the development of applications with the wonderful tool that is APEX. Stay tuned for my new demo application website. I am in charge of Apex Québec an initiative of SIE. This website is a tool aimed at the French Community working in the province of Quebec. It will be the perfect place to learn basic and advanced features of APEX, and to carry on networking! It's also a good reference for all French speakers in the APEX community! It's the beginning of a great adventure! ;)