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Oracle APEX 4.0 Video presentation - Review

Since the end of last week, Mike Hichwa's APEX 4.0 Presentation is available to the public. For those of you who didn't had the opportunity to go at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope , here's your chance to see a popular presentation. Many people blogged about this video... follow the links to learn more about their thoughts. Dietmar Aust Patrick Wolf John Scott Scott Spendolini David Peake Download an .mp4 version for you iPod/iPhone In this video, we learn lots of stuff about: Websheets (00:23) Dynamic Actions (oo:37) Charts (00:40) REST Web Services (00:46:30) Plug-Ins (00:56:30) Improved Interactive Reports (01:02:45) Improved Application Builder (01:09:30) APEX Extended Vision (01:12:45) APEX Listener (01:13:25) Q&A (01:24:30) But we don't learn a lot about: Declarative Tabular Forms AJAX Client-Side Validations Improved Error Handling Improved Tree Controls jQuery and jQuery UI Item Attributes (Textareas: Resizable) JavaScript Date pickers Combo Box (editable select list