jQuery Plugins for Oracle APEX

I've decided to create an application to host plugins specifically made for Oracle APEX.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) - jQuery Plugins

Send me your plugins so we can all enjoy them!


Arave said…
Great idea to collect jquery plugins for apex. One suggestion for your download page. It would be good to have a description of the plugin and a link to site where a demo can be seen.

A plugin that I've like using is MaskedInput by Josh Bush.
This is a good plugin for entering data with known formats like dates, national identifiers etc.

One heads-up on the plugins usage. If text is entered that does not meet the format mask the entire element/item will be cleared. To resolve this issue begin all format maskes with "?" character. For example:

$("#P22_PHONE").mask("?(999) 999-9999");
Martin D'Souza said…
Hi LG,

I agree, that adding a description field and a bit of demo code would be good to see how to use the js code.

Thanks for starting this page.

Louis-Guillaume said…
I am currently thinking about a way to make the community contribute to this tool by doing reviews, adding links to demos, uploading revisions and documentation.

Almost every jQuery plugins are compatible with Apex. I am more focusing on jQuery plugins specifically made for Apex page structure (DOM). For example, I have created a plugin used to update the session state of apex page items using AJAX. I have also created a plugin to display notification/error message the way Apex does it... I use this in combination with AJAX validations.
I have already use the plugin MaskedInput in projects but since it's not specifically designed for Apex, I don't expect to talk about that one.
Anthony Rayner said…

Nice work on this. As part of APEX 4.0, we hope to provide some jQuery plugins out of the box (time permitting!!), so look out for that. (I'll be keeping a close eye on your repository also to see what kind of plugins people are using!!).


PS: The link to your 2nd plugin (jquery.apexpage-0.0.2.js) doesn't seem to work. I think you have an extraneous 'jquery' in the link.
Louis-Guillaume said…

Thanks for the encouragement! Soon, I'll move the Apex plugin repository to a new section of apexquebec.com (available in English and French).

Are you going to release a developer guide to allow developers to build plugins before the official release date of Apex 4.0? I think it would be a good idea to have at least 15-20 plugins when Apex 4.0 comes out. Otherwise, most developers will have to wait for Apex 4.1/4.2 to have built-in plugins.

What do you think?
Anthony Rayner said…

Just to be clear, do you mean jQuery plugins or the new APEX plugins (for items, regions and dynamic actions)?

As far as the jQuery integration is going, we're still working on the details of this and once this is sorted out, I'll more than likely blog about it.

As far as APEX plugins are concerned, keep an eye on Patrick's blog, as he'll be blogging about this soon I believe.

Anthony Rayner said…
In addition...

There will also more than likely be an early adopter's release of 4.0, which will provide opportunity to get familiar with the new architecture and prepare for the production release.

Louis-Guillaume said…

For the moment, I am talking about jQuery plugins made for APEX (using the specific DOM structure of APEX).
But I am also thinking about developing "Apex 4.0 Plugins" or should I say special items/regions that use the power of jQuery and APEX... but for the moment those plugins are still on napkins! ;)

I can't wait for the early adopter's release of 4.0 !!! :)

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