jQuery plugins for APEX

Recently, Tyler started a thread about jQuery plugins for APEX. At the same time, I was working on 2 jQuery plugins.

Links to the jQuery plugins for APEX.

Tyler's Plugins
1) jApex 0.2

L-G's Plugins
1) jquery.apex-session-0.0.1.js
2) jquery.apexpage-0.0.2.js

Personally, I prefer to use many plugins. Each plugin should be use for a specific task. I think it's also easier to update a small plugin because the impact is smaller.

So what do you think: One big plugin or many small plugins?


Carsten Cerny said…
Hello Louis-Guillaume,

i use many small plugins because i dont use every plugin on every page.

Thanks for your example-post.
Louis-Guillaume said…
Hi Carsten,

I also prefer to use many small plugins.

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