Google AJAX Libraries API

I previously posted an article called "How to... Load the jQuery JavaScript Library". I don't think a gave enough information about why I decided to use the Google AJAX Libraries API. I'll explain a little more this time.

I decided to try the Google AJAX Libraries API because I personally like Google services. :)
I decided to keep using this library because I don't need to worry about the hosting of my .js files. It's also possible to call a compressed or uncompressed version of jQuery and jQuery UI. It's also possible to call older version of a library.
I didn't have bad/slow speed issue using the Google AJAX Libraries API.
I'm using this technique for my web development. If I have an application working on an Intranet, I will host the .js file on my web server.



Arave said…
I like your many examples on your demo site. Thanks for your site it really helps to see what is possible. Thanks for sharing your time.
I create applications the are only used on an intranet. If I copy the *.js files from Google and place them on my server do you know of a technique that would help me keep those JavaScript files current with what Google has on their server? If Google fixes a bug or releases new functionality I would like to take advantage of it.
Todd Arave
Louis-Guillaume said…

Thanks for your support. I like when people give feedback.

You better get you source files directly from jQuery official websites.
Take a look at this site:

Google won't fix bugs inside jQuery API (or any other third party API). Google will release new version of their AJAX APIs.
Google will make sure they host the latest stable version. If your on an intranet, I don't see the advantage of getting your source files from Google.

Hope this helps.


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